Hair is Her Crown

 When I'm feeling down changing my hair has always helped me with changing my attitude. Taking care of yourself from head to toe should always be a #1 priority for all women.  My earliest memories as a little  girl was having my  baby hair slicked down like a cat with water grease in a brush, it was all I needed to feel like the prettiest girl in the world .

I was so excited to walk in to my kindergarten class room, with "PurfectHair". That was then and now I have grew to  love learn about my roots . Black hair is not superficial rather it's super natural or super obvious I'm wearing a weave .... Black hair styles   is a big significant part of African and culture and I appreciate how much people of color contribute their creativity in the beauty industry with braids waves,  curls,  locs or whatever we rock we take pride in the way we wear our crown...In conclusions I want to leave you with words from a Black Queen who goes by the stage name India Ari said in her song, I Am Not My Hair , " Its not what's on your head buts what's underneath" .


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