no hair vs "purfecthair"

 Cut off your damaged hair...Regrow beautiful hair choose to keep a short cut or just be bald  bold and beauatiful. It's really all up to you how wear your hair . A purfect "hairdo" is not a one style fit all.. that goes with saying do u!  You  have to have the perfect shaped head to do a bald cut with a pretty face to match. However if you have damaged your hair your best bet is to cut it off and start from scratch... thank me later. It's a process a journey but great reward comes with starting over. A short cut cut is bold & beautiful but, if u don't have the head and face for a low cut  just rock a A1wig shop: . You can't go wrong with a1dopedoll wig as long as you  take care of your natural hair under it ... protective styling is needed for healthy black hair  ..... but even if you choose to be bald you can still be beautiful  just like her 😻



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