Taking care of your Black Hair ?

 Its so many different black hair  textures .... what one type of good product can do for one black girl could create a bad hair day for another . so  I feel A "purfecthair" investigations is needed for all hair types for people of color. What makes your  black hair healthy ? Is it mainly genetics that make soft manageable hair  or is it a "purfecthair"routine needed

....  My hair is very coarse,  I have what Black people call bad hair ... which is a term that simply means it's hard to comb without a perm ... I've tried every product, nothing has made my hair grow down my back ...  I have no shame in wearing  weave ... I don't perm my hair anymore,  well I haven't in about six months ... I simply braid my hair in apply my wig over my natural hair ...  I love A1dopedoll wigs .... I never get bored with switching up my  styles ... but even if I decide to go blond I am very much proud to be Black .... let's me not get off track. No pun intended, but this is  not about color I have every wig color from pink to blue ....Its always best to be you with whatever hair do that make u comfortable ... What's most important is maintaining healthy hair while expressing your true self and style ...


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