Black hair business is my business

 We love Supporting Black hair businesses  that are   majority ran by other races ,that are allegedly more concerned with money we put their pocket than the toxic ish they sell us to style our hair with. It’s up to us to investigate ....What we put in are head don’t be mislead. read the labels . The concerning discovery of the effects perm has on women of color is alarming.Beware of companies that  lack integrity, they promise that their products will help us achieve the style we want and help us achieve longer stronger hair but the only thing growing is the pockets of the people pushing ideals that are  unattainable and harmful to our health .Educating  yourself on how our hair products geared to us is helpful or harmful.Healthy Styling regimen for Black hair   should go hand and hand. When it comes to Black Hair we must be aware of who’s benefits from the “lye” . I personally love  wearing wigs to maintain  and sustain my hair but this isn’t about me.  This is about why avoiding  damaging styling products that prevents us from achieving  attainable natural  healthy hair ... Taking care of you natural hair underneath a wig can promote growth and eliminate the need for toxic hair products...growing together financially is as important if not more important than the hair that grows on our head .so stop waisting our money on bad hair products  . Let’s support growth and our community engagement and honor transparency in entrepreneurship. For women who love to change up your style or just want to grow your hair without relying on promising toxic products shop for your  purfecthair & style made naturally Purfect  :


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